No More Chafing.

Designed, developed & made in Britain

From the cold, wet conditions of Manchester, to the hot, dry conditions of the Marathon Des Sables, Works Naturally SLIPSTREAM delivers uncompromising skin comfort. It works differently to traditional wax-based creams as our specially-designed formula protects the skin with a botanical, waterproof shield. This allows sweat through the cream, which then separates it from the skin in contrast to products where lubrication mixes with sweat salts.


Focus on the race - don’t let chafing distract you. SLIPSTREAM is designed with high-intensity activity in mind, that's why all of our SLIPSTREAM products are:

  • Non-greasy

  • Soothing, caring & repairing

  • Waterproof & sweat proof

  • Antibacterial & non staining

  • All natural & vegan friendly

  • Made in Britain

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