Anti Chafe Cream (65ml)

Anti Chafe Cream (65ml)


Many runners, cyclists and swimmers will have experienced the discomfort of chafing, whether its groin, arm pits, feet, thighs, neck or chest. Most anti-chafing or chamois products attempt to protect the skin from damage by using some form of lubrication, which you might need to use in copious amounts.


However, over a long time or distance this basic form of protection wears out and can even create further discomfort by blending with sweat that is drying out, to form a paste that will irritate the skin.


Now SLIPSTREAM Anti Chafe has solved this problem, so you can experience a new level of comfort, duration and longevity. SLIPSTREAM Anti Chafe is water and sweat-proof, and leaves a protective shield on your skin that can last all day, while at the same time it soothes and helps heal previous irritation, bringing lasting comfort to the skin.



Just apply in small amounts to the area requiring protection and gently rub in until the cream goes clear.



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