369 Cuts, Grazes & Nappy Rash

369 Cuts, Grazes & Nappy Rash


Cuts, Grazes & Nappy Rash

Gentle & Soothing

Our cream has been specifically formulated as a safe and natural treatment of cut and grazes. Based on our skin shielding aloe vera formulation, is combined with a number of extracts with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is also useful to care, relieve and treat nappy rash.


■ Natural treatment for nappy rash

■ Anti-bacterial

■ Anti-inflammatory

■ Soothing

■ Enriched with oils

■ Designed for Vegans

Recyclable pump dispenser



Apply in small amounts to the area requiring protection / treatment and gently rub in until the cream goes clear.

For Nappy Rash, the best results are achived by applying just before bedtime.


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